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At your arrival at Izmir, the very last thing you want to do is waiting for the rental counter while he is trying to organize a vehicle. It is wise to take care of this part of your vacation in advance, so there wouldn't be any hassle at your arrival. On this site, you can find the ideal car rental deal, place a booking in our easy to use secure booking engine. So you can enjoy your vacation and the savings as well!
Rent a car with Carantee Izmir car rental and make the most of travels.

Carantee in Izmir offers you low prices, great service and new vehicles in 4 car rental stations:
Airport, Office, Hotel, Port.

Carantee has the right rental economic or luxury car for you. Rent a car with Carantee today. Izmir car rental with us is an easy 2-step process with great prices and secure check out!

Useful Phones in Izmir

  • Airport: (0232) 2742626
  • Hospital: 112
  • Tourism info: 170
  • Fire Station: 110

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  • Помощь на дороге 24 часа
  • C.D.W. страхование
  • Гарантия лучшей цены
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