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The Car Rental includes:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Local taxes
  • Road Fee
  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
  • Road map
  • Substitution of vehicle in case of breakdown
  • Free car parking at the airports
  • Delivery/Collection
  • 24 hour call service
  • Insurance policy

Vehicles/Car Categories

Our rent a car supplier use the latest and safest car models, all mechanically checked before each renting. Check the car before its renting and ask our supplier to change it in case you are not satisfied. The model and make of the cars stated on our web site is only an example. Same or similar cars on the same category will be offered to you.

Driving License

Drivers must have the driving license for at least 1-3 year and a valid passport or ID when collecting the car. There is also an age restriction depending on the rent a car supplier, which you may check on the local terms and conditions.

Rental Period

Rentals under 7 days are charged at a higher daily rate. Rental period is based on a 24 hours basis, starting at the time stated on the voucher. The minimum period of rent a car is 1 day. There is an hour grace which is valid only while booking the car. Any extra delay will be charged as extra day.

Rent a Car Rates

Prices are calculated based on car category, rental period and locations. We would like to inform you that our rates are in value only for online bookings and the included insurances are explained clearly at the local terms and conditions. CaRantee has the right to change the prices anytime. Reservations that have already been confirmed will be served with the confirmed rates.

Out of Hours

In all locations there is the possibility for delivery out of office hours. Usually is charged additionally and paid locally. The charge depends on the rent a car supplier and you can be informed about it in the local terms and conditions. In case of delay of your flight or ferry which will force you arrive out of office's hours, it is possible to be asked to pay the additional charge by the rent a car company.

Mechanical Problems

Any mechanical problem you may face with your car you have to report it immediately to the local rent a car company, whose telephone numbers are on your rent a car contract and on your rent a car voucher. In case it is required call the road assistance.

Hotels’ Delivery

If you require your car at your hotel, you have to inform us the name of the hotel and a contact telephone number. At many locations there is the possibility the rent a car company to deliver your car at your hotel. Usually when your hotel is close to a branch office there is no extra charge. In case your accommodation is too far, may be an extra charge depending of the distance. You may be totally informed in the local terms and conditions.

One Way Rental

It depends on the rent a car supplier of accepting the one way rental. Usually when there is a branch office it could be without fee. Each rent a car company has a different policy for the one way rental. In case you are interested in, please check the local terms and conditions.


You will meet many tricks with the insurances at the rent a car web sites. We suggest you to ask always details for what is included in the insurances and if there will be any extra charges at your arrival. We have been specific with our rent a car suppliers and you will have not any surprise at your arrival. You have to read carefully the local terms and conditions to see our deals with the local rent a car companies. In case you will require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fuel Policy

The fuel policy depends on our rent a car suppliers. Usually they ask the same fuel to be returned. Please be aware when you return the car empty of fuel, you will be charged more than the normal price. In addition, for some of our rent a car suppliers, you may return the car tank empty simply paying the market price of the missing petrol/gasoline on delivery. This can be convenient for destinations where you travel long distances.


You have the availability to ask equipment when you rent a car. Be aware that if you ask them after your arrival, it may be more difficult to serve you. So it will be better to ask them at the reservation time. In addition, some equipments are for specific car groups, depending on the rent a car company.


If you will be at the unpleasant situation of a car accident, first of all try to be calm and remember that the panic is not helpful. Call immediately the rent a car company at the emergency phone number. Call also the police and try to inform them exactly where you are located. Make a report for the accident with all the details. Try to keep as much information as you can for the other vehicle, such as driver's name, register number etc. In case of mechanical breakdown contact the rent a car company plus the road assistance and remember to take your staff from the car.

Delivery Information

All the details we have asked you, are for offering better service to you on your arrival. We provide exact the details that the rent a car company requires so as to avoid any problems.

Collection Information

We inform the rent a car company, also for the date, the time and the location that you will return the car. Please be careful, in case you will delay the car the rent a car company has the right to charge you extra.

Rent a Car Voucher

First of all, the rent a car voucher is the confirmation for your request. Moreover it is the payment of deposit receipt. At your rent a car voucher will be written all the details of the rent a car company, the phone numbers and instructions of meet and greet. Remember that you have to keep your rent a car voucher when you will pick up the car.

Schedule changes

After your confirmation you may change your plans. Usually the air companies inform for schedule change. You have the possibility to change days, pick up and drop off locations and your rent a car vehicle. We will ask from the rent a car supplier to confirm the amendment. If it will be declined, automatically we will ask a confirmation from another rent a car supplier and a new rent a car voucher with all the details will be sent to you. In case that at your amendment will be an extra cost, immediately you will be informed by our rent a car program and if we have to refund money to you, it will be refunded the next few days.


During your holidays, you may change your plans and decide that you prefer to keep your car more. At this situation it would be better for you to log in at our rent a car web site and ask for this kind of amendment. We will ask from the rent a car company for an extension. Be careful, a deal direct with the rent a car company may be charged higher than our rent a car web site.


You have the right to cancel your booking. When this will happen, first of all you have to log in and cancel your booking. Remind we do not cancel bookings through telephone. When you cancel your reservation, the amount which you have been charged as deposit will be refunded except the amount, which will be the charge of the credit card from the bank.

No Show Customers

When you have booked a car and you do not arrive and not inform us for any amendments at your rent a car schedule you are considered a no show customer. There is no refund for the deposit charge and the rent a car supplier has the right to ask money from 1 day until the whole rental. We suggest you to inform us immediately for any amendment in order to avoid these problems.

Refund Money

When we agree to refund money to you, we will be specific for the exact amount. This amount is always in euro, so not be surprised if you probably see a small difference with your country currency. In addition, usually our rent a car program needs 2 with 3 working days to confirm refunds.

Payment Method

When your booking will be confirmed by our rent a car supplier, an amount between 15-25% will be charged immediately at your credit card and a rent a car voucher with all the details of the rent a car company and the amount charged, will be sent to you. The balance of payment is the amount you will pay upon your arrival at the rent a car company.

Credit Card

We are glad to inform you that our company uses the latest technologies for our customers safety. We do not keep your credit's card details. Automatically your details will be sent to the bank and we do not involve with details. CaRantee takes care only for the rent a car reservations and is not involved with the credits cards payments, which are automatically charged to banks.

Border Exit

At most countries the border exit is not allowed by the rent a car supplier. In case you want to drive a way from the country's borders you have to ask the rent a car company. Maybe you will be asked an extra insurance for this, but do not try to do it without the rent a car permission.

Last Minute Reservation

When you ask at the last minute to rent a car, our company will send immediately through email your request to the rent a car company and an SMS to the rent a car manager. As soon as we have the confirmation, we inform you through email.


CaRantee must answer to all your complaints in the next 7 days. We suggest you when you have a problem with your car to inform immediately the rent a car company. They always find a solution or they change your car. In case you have informed the rent a car company and your problem has not been solved, please inform us at the same time.

After Sales Management

When you will return the car, in the next days we will sent you an email asking your opinion for the rent a car company. Your opinion will be very important for us so as to become better and provide services at a higher level.
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